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Welcome to Mount Morgan

Mount Morgan, Central Queensland, is a picturesque historic town nestled in the Dee Ranges, situated approximately 38 km South West of Rockhampton, and 679 km north of Brisbane.

Rich in history, the former mining town is home to one of the world’s most successful mines to date. Commencing operation in 1882, the mine became one of the richest gold mines in Australia, and for a period of time- the world. During its 99 years of mining the area declared a total of 225 tons of gold, 50 tons of silver and 360,000 tons of copper.

Today Mount Morgan is a quaint area, with a population of approximately 3,000. Getting the best of both worlds, Mount Morgan residents enjoy the comforts of a small semi-rural area; with Rockhampton city just thirty minutes’ drive and Yeppoon’s beaches a one hour drive away.

The town offers ideal opportunities to delve into the area’s early successes and relive its fascinating past with a range of impressive attractions on show, along with museums and tours operating 7 days.

As well as its tourist attractions, the area also provides affordable housing as well as sound infrastructure, including schools, a hospital, emergency services, accommodation and a supermarket. The area also offers shopping opportunities, sporting and recreational facilities, hotels, cafés and much more.

Whether you’re in the mood for something tranquil, informative or action packed, Mount Morgan is sure to have something to suit everyone.


Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Incorporated (MMPAD) is a volunteer based, not for profit, incorporated association that provides support to businesses and community in Mount Morgan.

MMPAD maintains a positive focus to promote Mount Morgan as a place to live in the region, to invest and visit. Among other things, MMPAD aims to encourage professionalism in social and economic development beneficial to Mount Morgan’s future and retain a skilled workforce through the promotion of local employment in career and business opportunities.


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