Mount Morgan Cemetery Graveyard

Location: 2 kms south of the town centre, just off Coronation Drive (8 mins after Police Station).

Background: The Mount Morgan cemetery holds great historical significance to the township. Walking the site, the early section of the area reflects the difficult times the area and its locals endured marking the times of plagues and industrial accidents.

Marking special significance to early mining accidents is the Linda Memorial. Erected in 1909, the Linda Memorial was set up in memory of the 26 men who perished in the tunneling stage of the Mount Morgan Mine. This monument stands 25 ft high, with a circular pillar on top, broken to signify broken life.

The cemetery also contains a well-preserved Chinese ceremonial burner, known as a Heung Lew. Built in 1890, the Heung Lew was used by much of Mount Morgan’s early Chinese community, burning symbolic papers and offerings for loved ones passing on.