The Private Victor Stanley Jones Suspension Bridge


Location: Byrnes Parade (2 mins after the Big Dam).

Background:The Dee River, flowing through Mount Morgan, was once lined with a number of Mount Morgan’s famous Swinging Bridges, with the first constructed in the 1890’s. Six of these unique bridges were constructed over the Dee River; built to ensure easy access between the town and mine site, even during times of flood. Sadly no originals remain today. A replica can be found however, across the river connecting Byrnes Parade to East Street; giving those who cross a feel for the old mining days.

Quick fact: This replica is known as the Private Victor Stanley Jones Suspension Bridge, in memory of the nation's first military casualty. Private Jones was the 1st Australian Soldier to die in Imperial Service on foreign foil (South Africa). This was built as a joint project by the Engineers of the ARMY and Mount Morgan Shire Council in 2001 for the centenary of federation: A plaque dedicated to Private Jones and his life work is located at the end of the bridge today.